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Treehouse Shakers
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The August Break

How fun is this? I'm doing The August Break with Susannah Conway. Nancy Moon, our wonderful Treehouse Shakers' publicist (check out Moon PR), gave me a gentle nudge to do this. This is a great way to enjoy August, with my iphone, and really get the most out of it. Knowing that in only a few quick weeks I will be knee deep in our Virtual Auction, Touring, and Fundraising for the new piece, Under The Tangle. 

So today's prompt, breakfast. I started the morning off writing, drinking very light coffee and eating granola. Mostly I was writing the new tech rider for Hatched, and getting our fall mailings ready for schools. The nitty gritty of working as an artist is not always so creative. I am not sure I'll keep up each day on the blog, so follow me on instagram, and hopefully I will figure out Flickr by the time the month is over.

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