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Treehouse Shakers
Hatched, BAM Fisher, Hillman Studio

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hatch Comes Alive

During the past month, I have been stopping into Patti's incredible studio at Home EC, to check up on the progress of the puppets, play, and discuss our next steps. Hatch, our main chick, is nearly completed, and the calf is almost in her final stages. Every time I have a production discussion, I am blown away by Patti. She is innovative, creative, and making it all on a shoestring budget. Hence, why we have worked with her for so many years, on so many Treehouse productions. And to top it off, she is a wonderful person to be around.

We have 3 new video diaries that Brent has since finished. Check them out, tell me what you think, spread the word. We begin our 2nd round of development rehearsals tomorrow. I can't wait to work on this show with our puppets coming to life. Hatched is coming ALIVE!

Thank you to Brent Hankins (video/editing), Test Child :), and Patti Gilstrap.

Want to help us get Hatched into production? Check out our Bidding For Good Auction, Donate an item today, and then come back to bid October 5-19, 2011.
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