Treehouse Shakers

Treehouse Shakers
Hatched, BAM Fisher, Hillman Studio

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hatched: The Concept

Last week I met with Patti Gilstrap, our Hatched puppet and costume designer. She has been hard at work in her studio Home EC figuring out the kinks with Hatch, the curious chick, and his notorious nest, that are the stars of our young seedling drama. We also spent the day discussing the rest of the puppets and what expectations may have changed while the company has been in development rehearsals.

I brought my family along to the meeting.  My husband, also an actor, moonlights as a film editor and cameraman, and generously offered to step up the quality of my video diaries. My daughter, the best critic when it comes to Treehouse Shakers, came to play with Hatch. If she responds, I know we are on the right path of accomplishing my vision for the show.
My daughter with Hatch inside his egg and nest. Puppets Created by Patti Gilstrap.

Mara, Patti, My daughter and Hatch (still in his prototype format).

After meeting with Patti, I spent a few moments on camera talking about my overall concept for Hatched.

Thanks for watching! Look for more video diaries coming soon.

Special thanks to Brent Hankins, editor and videographer, and Patti Gilstrap of Flirt-Brooklyn and her studio Home EC.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Video Diary #1

As many of you know, Treehouse Shakers began our development rehearsals for our seedling drama, Hatched in June.

Calf Sketch for Puppet. Concept by Patti Gilstrap, Drawing by Florence McEwin
Calf Model by Patti Gilstrap using ties and pipe cleaners

During our process I began a video diary. Unfortunately, our THS video camera has one mighty defect and is lacking on sound. Much of my fine footage has been lost. Nevertheless, I was able to use my digital camera and record Patti Gilstrap at work on the calf puppet in her studio space, Home Ec in Brooklyn. In the following video diary, Patti explains the skeletal frame of the puppet.

Special Thanks to Brent Hankins for volunteering his fine editing skills.

I hope to have more Video Diaries up soon!