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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Under the Tangle: Behind the Inspiration

This week's blog piece is by Emily Bunning. Emily is Treehouse Shakers' co-founder, choreographer and the imaginative creator of our newest piece, Under the Tangle, for ages 8-13, which previews next week in Southwest Wyoming.
Under the Tangle: Behind the Inspiration
By Emily Bunning
Performer, Ashley Chavonne in Under the Tangle. Photo Credit Shula Frances

A labyrinth, dancing on a door, a swinging ladder, and a stark traveling girl were the images that had been dancing around my head for the beginning of a new piece.  Last June, I officially started creating Under the Tangle after years of dreaming and months of preliminary development.  We are nearly ready for the first workshop performance of the Treehouse Shakers’ thirteenth dance-play for youth audiences whom have been enthralled with our work throughout the years. I strive to continue to make quality work that is artistic and entertaining, with the intention to build understanding and appreciation for dance.  It is completely rewarding to see the pure awe with which the kids take in the performance and hear their responses as they leave the theater.  Under the Tangle is a dance-mystery about an adolescent girl journeying through a labyrinth.  Working with a new and ever-growing seventeen-year artistic process, I am thrilled to use images and dance to form the story on stage.  The cast has been integral to the creation and we have taken a magical journey together.  The visually vibrant piece melds dance, story, costumes, and setting to explore themes of loneliness and hope.

Under the Tangle Photo Credit Sarah Milosevich

I am making this piece because these images have inspired me to develop a full-length compelling work that is dance based.  I hope the performance inspires others to love dance and understand the power of body and movement.  I hope the story will intrigue viewers. I hope the production values will by admired and appreciated.  These are my intentions, but they come from a very primal artistic place. I am doing it for the youth, the presenters who present boundless work, and my own desire to develop, execute and present an adventurous new dance-mystery. 
Upcoming Preview Performances
Generously Funded by Sweetwater County BOCES

When:     Wednesday March 19, 2014 @ 9:30 AM School Performance
Where:    Green River High School Theater
                1615 Hitching Post Drive
                Green River, WY 82935

Tickets:   Tickets Free of Charge but Reservations Required for Public School Groups
                 Reservations Strongly Encouraged

Additional Information

Please Join Treehouse Shakers on March 20, 2014 from 5:30-7:30 PM for a Special Benefit at the Outlaw Inn. Support Treehouse Shakers, as we honor State Senator Bernadine Craft for her commitment to the arts in Sweetwater County.

Proceeds Help Fund a Scholarship Given to an Outstanding Student at Artistry in Motion Dance Studio, Located in Rock Springs, WY
Tickets: $25