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Treehouse Shakers
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Meet Our Company Members: Spencer Wilson

Miranda Wilson (Left), Spencer Wilson (Right),
Following Under the Tangle at Performing Arts Center at Purchase, NY

Tell us about yourself and how did you become a part of Treehouse Shakers? How long have you been with the company? What is your role(s) with the company?
I am an actor, singer, and dancer hailing originally from Kansas City, MO. I was lucky enough to work in theatre professionally as a growing kid in K.C., and moved to NYC in 2010 for college. I continued another great four years at Marymount Manhattan College while also performing around the city. I studied musical theatre with emphasis on Tap and Fosse dance styles. My sister Miranda Wilson (also a company member) put Treehouse Shakers on my radar many years ago and finally at last in 2017, I auditioned and joined the company. I am an understudy for the dance-mystery Under the Tangle and an original cast member for the new show The Boy Who Grew Flowers. Besides performing I enjoy seeing theatre, central park, and a big bowl of pasta! 

What has been your favorite role to play?
I loved playing the Boy in Under the Tangle because it was a challenge for me physically, which was a big challenge, but so far I am loving originating the characters in The Boy Who Grew Flowers because it is wonderful to add my stamp onto this original piece and have space to play and create.

Tell us about your favorite audience moment you've had as a performer.
When I understudied for the Boy in Under the Tangle it was my very first performance with Treehouse Shakers. There were certain moves and dances that proved challenging, therefore my first performance of "Tangle" in front of an audience made me quite nervous, however after the performance my sister (Miranda) and I stood and greeted all the children who fell in love with the characters and wanted to tell us their interpretation and love for the story they just saw.  As someone who was extremely nervous and anxious to be sure I performed correctly, the kids excitement and dedication to wanting more from the characters and story was perfect.  Knowing that a Treehouse Shakers show might influence someone's mind is very fulfilling.  
Treehouse Shakers' Full Company at the 2018 THS' Annual Benefit
Left to Right: Ashley Ervin, Trey Mitchell, Ashley Chavonne, Emily Bunning, Mara McEwin, Spencer Wilson, John Noel, Miranda Wilson & Katie Montoya

What makes Treehouse Shakers work unique or different than other companies you might have worked with?
Treehouse Shakers is a great place to create new things, and nothing is out of bounds.  We can try different movements or scenarios and having that artistic freedom and working together as a group is a very therapeutic and fulfilling scenario to join. This world of creating and manifesting is a wonderful thing to pass along to the children we dance for, showing them that creativity and art can last a lifetime.  We are all adults in the company but every rehearsal its almost like a group of kids excited and happy and hungry to make something beautiful and new. 

What does it mean to celebrate 20 years with Treehouse Shakers?
I'm the baby of the group having just joined a year ago. For a while I didn't know if Treehouse was a good fit for me because I doubted my own dance ability to do what I had seen Emily and Mara create. Treehouse challenged me in the most amazing way and I always leave rehearsals or shows feeling so happy. I'm grateful to be able to help continue the storytelling that Treehouse Shakers has done for twenty years.

Anything else you would like us to know?
Treehouse is a great place to join, and for those hours we are together each week, we get to create and laugh and add something to the great fabric of New York theatre. Thank you Emily, Mara and the entire company for letting me join this wonderful company! Happy 20!

About Spencer Wilson

Spencer Wilson (Understudy) is celebrating one year as a member of the Treehouse Shakers family! A graduate from Marymount Manhattan College for performance and musical theatre, Spencer has been an actor, singer, dancer and model performing in and around NYC for eight years including opportunities with Lincoln Center, the York Theatre, and Theatreworks USA. Instagram @wilson_spencer

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