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Treehouse Shakers
Hatched, BAM Fisher, Hillman Studio

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Election, Arts, and Healing

It's no secret, I am a political junkie. I always have been. I was raised in a household where we talked (sometimes yelled) politics around the dinner table, when driving to school, when visiting family. I am a child of free love parents. Of a father who took me to the anti-nuclear rallies, to stand in union picket lines, to work on local campaign elections. My uncle was a union leader and organizer. My dad and his brother were themselves raised on the picket line, traveling around the United States. My grandparents fought for unions, and the ideals of the union. We were the Irish American family that worshipped John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. I was taught that equality for all was a necessity in the prosperity of all people.

Get Out The Vote Campaign Ad (AIGA)
I was raised to do good. My earliest memories, even when my father was out of work, was of him paying for groceries for the people in line who didn't have enough for what was in their cart. We had less for dinner sometimes, so we could share with others. My mother, an artist, and a college professor, constantly took me to exhibitions of political artists, to artist lectures, performances, parties where the talk was always on how we, as a nation, progress. It is no wonder, I am always thinking and discussing the political climate and politics.

This election cycle has been brutal. The face of misogyny, racism, bigotry and sexism constantly rearing its ugly head. But the ugly part of humanity cannot, and will not win.

Daughter Making Signs at Hillary Campaign Office
I am focused on the election, and at the same time I am also focused on what will heal our country;
the arts. Art instills beauty, empathy, kindness, nurturing, intelligence. As the Artistic Director of Treehouse Shakers, I am proud of the work we create and our commitment to making sure every child has access to great art programming no matter their income.  All things the human race could use more of. And despite our small arts company, we have served thousands of young people all over the country. Our annual virtual auction will close in a few days. It has been lost in the noise of the election with fewer bidders and fewer donations than in years past. I will be happy once the election is over. I hope then, we can once again focus on doing good.

Students at Hatched, NYC Photo Credit, Christopher Duggan
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Thank you.
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