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Treehouse Shakers
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summertime Living

Sunset Watch in Fire Island, New York

At the beginning of the summer I created a bucket list for my family. Things to accomplish, enjoy, and experience. With my daughter home from school, I work hard at balancing her activities with getting in my Treehouse Shakers' work load. Even though it's summer, grants still have to be written, contracts signed, rehearsals attended, and performances still take place. But like most mothers, I want to make sure that summertime has long and lasting happy memories for my family.

Summertime Selfies

Our Summertime Bucket List:
  • Visit the Beach
  • Lemon Ice King of Corona
  • Enjoy An Unexpected Adventure in NYC
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Have A Sleep Over 
  • Go Bike Riding
  • Create Project At Local Pottery Studio
  • Take Sewing Classes
Project from the Local Pottery Studio

I added a few just for myself 
  • Make a Challenging Meal From A Cookbook
  • Catch Up on My Book List
  • Visit the Museums
  • Watch The Sunset
  • Work in My Garden
Walking onto the Beach
And although summer is not yet over, we've done a pretty good job with our lists and even added onto them. The fall is fast approaching. Treehouse Shakers has a busy calendar of performances, rehearsals, touring, school residencies and even finishing making our new show, Olive & Pearl. For now, I am content making summer memories, that we can savor long into the winter months.

*Photo Credits, Mara McEwin, iPhone6

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