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Treehouse Shakers
Hatched, BAM Fisher, Hillman Studio

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mend, Build & Grow: Supporting the Arts

I am often asked, "Why should I give to the arts?" In an age where the Arts are the first to be on the financial chopping block, I often feel like I am in a full-time culture battle. It is hard to measure, to hold, to evaluate, or to truly know the impact the arts will have on someone.

If I asked you, "What is your favorite band?" Some warm glow might rush over you. You would become enthusiastic, and remember the first time you heard this band, how you felt. If I asked if you had taken dance classes as a child, you might remember the smell of the studio, your first recital, the way your mind had to work to learn a combination. How can we measure what these artistic activities inspired you to do, how they influenced your personality, or how they shaped your decision-making skills.

Miranda Wilson, Company member, Post-Show Coyote's Dance with Title One Pubic School Students
The arts make us think. They make us ponder. They help us form connections, create empathy, explore our feelings. Imagine never being exposed to the arts? Living in a society that refuses to fund the arts in our theaters, parks, classroom, in our every day lives. In America, we are getting closer to this scenario everyday. Artists are demonized, marginalized, looked down upon. I know. I am an artist. I struggle for my place on our economic ladder everyday.
Audience Member Enjoying Treehouse Shakers' Hatched.
Photo Credit, Bob Bader
As a child, the arts were my home. I felt cared for. I felt connected to something bigger. I felt strong when I was around the arts. Reading a book, I was inspired by the story, the words. Going to dance class, I was inspired by the discipline. Being onstage in a play, I loved the community of my fellow actors. The arts have been my lifeline for as long as I can remember. I know I am not unique or different. The arts are the lifeline for many people. I am intensely committed in making sure that the arts survive in our culture. I am committed to the mission that the art Treehouse Shakers' creates, continues to influence and shape young people.

The Company of Let's Talk About IT! Post-Show with High School Students
Our culture can no longer do without the arts. The headlines are filled with people arguing, hurting, fighting, killing. We are a society who needs a good dose of thought-provoking, culture-enhancing, empathy-creating, life-confirming art forms. We need to be inspired with creative ideas, made aware of social challenges, bring nurture back to the human arena.
When you give to the arts, especially when you are giving to the arts that serve young people, you are giving to the building, mending, growing of our society. Creative thinkers who solve problems, business leaders who know how to work together, community champions who can help rebuild neighborhoods.

This October is Treehouse Shakers' annual virtual auction. Every bid supports Treehouse Shakers. Just by placing a bid, even if you don't win the item, you are helping us bring one more low-income child to the theater, helping us pay for one more rehearsal for our company members, helping us create a new dance-play that will have an impact. We need your support, as does the culture of our society, to help us achieve this mission. Thank you for supporting the arts.

Treehouse Shakers' Virtual Auction

October 8-24, 2013
Every Bid Supports Our Mission!

Thank you.

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