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Treehouse Shakers
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Words of Advice For a Young Performer

Treehouse Shakers has spent the last month auditioning, hiring, rehearsing, and then auditioning and hiring again. We are hiring new company members. This is an elaborate process. We need not only talented actors and dancers, we need people who fit into the company. Who are reliable. And easy to work with! 

I have a few words of advice for everyone who walks through the Treehouse Shakers' audition door. I have been reminded this past month about all the mistakes performers tend to make when auditioning. So here goes.

Audition 101:

1.) Show Up. If you say you will attend an audition, then show up. It is a courtesy. It is a must.

3.) Show your personality at the audition. Don't be over the top, but do take a few minutes to let yourself shine through. 

3.) Appearance does matter. Even in the most open-minded environments, you will be judged on how you look. Dancers, don't wear your shabbiest movement clothes. Pull your hair back. Actors, dress appropriately.

4.) Send in a good headshot. If you are trying to get through the gatekeeper, a bad headshot won't be the key to unlock the audition door.

5.) End the audition with a compliment to the company. Kindness is golden in my book.

Once you have the job, congrats! 

Company 101:

1.) Don't be a blabber mouth. For a small company, rehearsal can be expensive. Every second counts.
Please save your talking until the breaks.

2.) If you had a bad day. Leave it outside the rehearsal room. You are here to Play, not to sulk.

3.) You are now part of a company. Be kind to everyone, be generous while working.

4.) Be on time. In fact, try being early. It is incredibly rude to everyone who maybe waiting for you.

5.) Do more than you have to. Giving 110% in every way, makes the company shine, makes you you look good, and in the long run will pay off.

Happy Auditioning!

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